System Requirements

Most modern computers or tablets are capable of supporting the operation of a Micro-Cap simulation system.

The more 'powerful' (multi core x86 based processor with 64 bit OS, large amount of RAM) you system is the better for Micro-Cap - it will allow you to execute larger simulations (number of nodes and components and models) and give you the results much faster.

Operating System compatibility

  Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7, 8, 10
MC5 Ver 2 Yes* Yes*+ No
MC6 Yes Yes*+ No
MC7 Yes* Yes*+ No
MC8 Yes* Yes*+ Yes**+
MC9 Yes Yes Yes*
MC10 Yes Yes Yes*
MC11 Yes Yes Yes*
* Requires latest HASP update
** Requires latest MC8 executable and latest HASP update
+ Runs but has some incompatibilities