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Micro-Cap 11 is an integrated schematic editor and mixed analog/digital simulator that provides an interactive sketch and simulate environment for electronics engineers. Since its original release in 1982, Micro-Cap has been steadily expanded and improved. Micro-Cap 11, the eleventh generation, blends a modern, intuitive interface with robust numerical algorithms to produce unparalleled levels of simulation power and ease of use. Nothing else comes close.

Micro-Cap 11 Network License

The Network License functionality of the Micro-Cap 11 software is SAME as the Professional License - the difference is in how the software is deployed.

You must have at least 2 micro-cap 'seats' to be able to purchase a network license.

This is a 'floating seat'  license - you can deploy on any PC / Workstation and plug-in a USB KEY - the License Manager (LM)  - into an available USB port on your network server -  to authenticate the individual PC / Workstation whenever a user is 'sitting' in front of the screen and USING the Micro-Cap 11 software.

If you have, say,  50 suitably specified PC / Workstations which are capable of operating Micro-Cap 11and purchase a 3 'seat' Network License - this means that any 3 users can 'sit' in front of any of the 50 PC / workstations on your network and use Micro-Cap 11 (with a central file storage database as appropriately defined by the Micro-Cap 11 users) at the SAME time.

So if you have a 'N' seat license - this means you can have 'N' simultaneous users accessing and operating the Micro-Cap 11 software at the SAME time.

The benefit is that the Micro-Cap 11 software can be deployed throughout your network - but as long as you don't expect to have simultaneous users - you can simply have a reduced number of 'seats' which don't have to match the number of PC / Workstations on your network.

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