Setting the $User and $Company variables

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I have enabled the title block in my schematic. The default settings for the title block have two variables called $User and $Company. However, no text appears in the title block where these variables are assigned. How do I get these variables to display the correct information?


The $User and $Company variables are initially set during the installation of the program. During the installation, the Company Information screen will come up that prompts for both a User Name and a Company Name. It is not mandatory that these fields be filled in, so the installation can be completed without having any entries set for these two variables.

Once the program has been installed, the information for these two variables can be modified within the Preferences dialog box using the following sequence:

1) Go to the Options menu and select Preferences.
2) In the list on the left hand side of the Preferences dialog box, select the General item that is within the Options group.
3) In the General page, there are two fields called User Name and Company Name. These fields control the information for the two variables. Edit or enter the information in these fields.
4) Click OK.

This information will now be correctly associated with the $User and $Company variables wherever they are used in the program.