Price Quotes

The prices quotes on our site are indicative only!

The cost of Micro-Cap software Licenses are defined in US$

When we supply a Micro-Cap License to a UK customer - we quote the price in GB£ and must add the current VAT (20%) to the total in the final checkout quotation.

Because the US$ exchange rates against the GB£ are constantly changing - we cannot provide our customers an exact price quote that will stay SAME for a prolonged period.

As a result - we quote a figure based on US$ to GB£ exchange rates and bank charges as defined at a specific time.

Our quote will stay valid for a 30 day duration - provided that ;-

1) The Micro-Cap program authors do not vary their License price during this period and the prevailing UK VAT rates don't change

2) The US$ to GB£ exchange rate does not vary more than 1% in either direction from the rate used on the day of our quote

3) The above two conditions are satisfies AND we receive payment from the customer within the 30 day period of the date of our quote


For all purchases of Micro-Cap Licenses - we are unable to deliver the Micro-Cap Licenses to prospective customers until we receive the full payment as defined on our quote.

This requirement is not a reflection of the creditworthiness of any of our customers and should not be interpreted as such - it is simply a condition of our trading and the supply of Micro-Cap software Licenses.