New Micro-Cap Features

64 bit version

64 bit

Micro-Cap 11 comes in two varieties, a 32 bit version which can access 3GB of RAM and a 64 bit version which can access as much as 192GB of RAM. The 192GB version can analyze circuits with 10 million components.



Worst Case

This new analysis mode, finds worst case performance limits for a circuit using RSS, Monte Carlo, and Extreme Value methods.


Stability Analysis

This type of analysis is used to find the stability limits for linear circuits using either the Tian or Middlebrooke methods.


Schematic Editor


Password-protected encryption can now be used on circuit, macro and library files.


Title Block Editor

A Title Block editor was added that allows multiple fonts, adjustable size, and title block template save and recall for greater ease of use.


Rich Text Format

An option for RTF text format was added, enabling super and sub-scripting, and font, style, size and color control of individual words within a text block.


Text Angle

An option was added to allow arbitrary text angles.


Command Statement Builder

A command statement builder was added to help construct .measure, .warning, .help, and .define statements.


Schematic Background

Background images, including watermarks, can be added to a schematic.


Graph Paper Option

Graph Paper was added to the Grid options


Auto Scale (F6)

An auto scale option was added to the schematic.


Unconnected Pin Markers

Pins and wires that have no connections can be marked with a special symbol (yellow triangle) that shows possible faulty wiring.


Bill of Materials Excel File Output

An Excel file can be created from the BOM contents.


BOM Optional Expand

The .define values can optionally be expanded in the BOM, so that .DEFINE RX 3K shows up as 3K and not RX.


Attribute Dialog Box Disable

The automatic display of the Attribute Dialog box that occurs when you place a component can be eliminated. This is convenient when drawing a general schematic without values.


Expandable Attribute Dialog Box

This dialog box can now be expanded by dragging the Size grow icon, making viewing large subcircuits easier.


Dialog Box Location Save

The location of major dialog boxes can be saved, even if they are on different monitors.


Text Grid Snap

A feature was added to disable or enable grid snap for text.


Find / Replace Improved

This command was improved to include whole word search and to show the schematic location of the found item behind the dialog box.


Enable Region Box

An on/off check box was added to the enable region to make it easy to disable/enable the region expression checking.


Find in Files Command

An All option was added to this command.


Push-pin Text

Push-pin text can be enabled in the Text dialog box. Placing a mouse over the text displays the text. Otherwise just push pin is shown.


Embedded Images

Image files in a circuit can now be localized (embedded or saved in the circuit file) making the circuit file more portable.


Drag and Drop Pictures

Images can be dragged from one application and dropped into a Micro-Cap schematic or analysis plot.


Info Page Options

Info page content can be chosen from the circuit Properties dialog box (F10).


Properties Dialog Box Object Colors

The color of each schematic object is displayed beside the item for greater clarity.


Change Dialog Box

The Change dialog box now shows selected components.


Measurement and Plotting

Performance Functions

An integration operator that integrates a waveform between two X values and a Peak-to-peak operator that measures the peak to peak of a waveform over the simulation run were added.


.Measure Command

The HSPICE .Measure command was added.


Measurements Window

A measurements window shows the results of .measure and performance functions.


.Measure Library

Common measurement functions using the basic .measure command set. Includes pulse width, frequency, period, overshoot, delay, and power factor.


FFT Windowing Functions

Extensive set of FFT windowing functions (Rectangular, Cosine, Tukey, Barlett-Hann, Blackman, and many more)


FFT Window Reference Frequency



Fourier Integral

An option for computing Fourier spectra using the Fourier integral rather than the FFT was added.


Fourier Plots

An option for cliping baseline db values and ignoring the phase computation for low db values was added.


Curve Fitting Utility

This is a linear and polynomial curve fitting utility for analysis plots.


Ignore Illegal Plots

This is an option to ignore analysis plots that have a disabled or missing part or node, for cases where you want to switch between enabling and disabling circuitry and have the analysis limts plots still be legal.


More Plot Groups

Up to 19 plots within each plot page can be named and used.


Adjustable Plot Height

Analysis plots heights can be adjusted by dragging.


Dynamic AC

Temperature and frequency were added to the text display.


Analysis Limits Copy / Paste

The analysis limits can now be copied from one circuit and pasted into another.


P Key Skips

The Plot tab of the of the Plot Properties dialog box controls how many P keys to skip between values printed to the plot. This lets you use the P key to monitor the analysis without slowing the simulation too much.


Numeric Output Path

The name and path can be set for numeric output files.


Fast Numeric Output

The speed of the output routines was enhanced in anticipation of the need in larger circuits possible with the 64 bit version.


Analysis Limits Plot Item Menu

A new pop-up menu provides control (move, add, delete, copy, and paste) for each plot item in the analysis limits dialog box. Click and drag for plot items makes it easy to rearrange the plot order.


Animation Programmed Wait

A "Wait for Key Press After T=" which waits until T equals the specified time to start the key press wait was added.



Parker-Skellern Gaasfet Model

A fourth GAASFET model option was added.


New BSIM4 Model

The latest BSIM 4.7 model was added.


Updated JFET Model

Added the ALPHA, VK, ISR, N, NR parameters.P


M Multiplier

The M multiplier command line parameter was added to diodes, BJTs, and JFETs.



Floor and Ceil Functions

Floor and ceiling functions were added using standard C language notation.


Internal Variables

The internal structure variables for many complex models are now available for plotting. For example gm, gmbs, vdseff for BSIM3 models.


Fourier Window Phase Operator Limit

This lower limit below which the phase function is ignored, minimzes choppy plots when the real and imaginary parts are very small.


Fourier Window Magnitude Operator Limit

This is a lower limit below which the magnitude function is clipped.


Monte Carlo

Run Limit Expanded

The limit on the number of runs was increased to 100,000.


Simultaneous Stepping and Monte Carlo Runs

Stepping and Monte Carlo can be run simultaneously. Formerly, only one or the other could be run at a time.


Histogram Info

Hovering the mouse over a histogram bar shows the Y value and the X range in the Status bar.


Histogram Bar Count

The number of histogram bars can be set when using the Auto option.


Monte Carlo Exception File

When creating an exception file, a text string is placed in the schematic to describe the case that was used such as Temperature=27 Case=3.


Component Editor

Shape Not Found Warning

When a component can't find its assigned shape, a flag is set so that the part looks for its normally assigned shape each time the component file is loaded.


Partial Component Library Merge Command

Partial merges can be done when merging two component library files.


Save As Command

A Save As icon was added to the Component editor tool bar.


Read Only Flag

If a component library is set to read-only, the text "(Read Only)" is appended to the file name in the hierarchy display.


Size Control

The size of the Component editor dialog box and its Move dialog box are now user-controllable using the Size grip icon.


Shape Editor

Size Control

The size of the Shape editor dialog box is now user-controllable using the Size grow icon.


Uniform Text Direction

The text direction is now uniform, irrespective of orientation.



Print Portion

Optionally, only the portion within a select box can be printed.


Print Scale

Each page can have a different print scale.


Print Disable

Disabled items can optionally be excluded from the print.


Miscellaneous Improvements

Excel Import

Data from an Excel spreadsheet can be imported into a User model file using Copy (on the Excel side) and Special Paste (on the MC11 side).


Batch File Quiet Command

Plotting can be eliminated with the new /quiet command.


Batch File Image Commands

Batch file commands were added to facilitate capture of schematic and plot images.


Batch File Save /SVI Command

A batch file command (/SVI) was added to save voltage and current only.


Internal Batch File Execution

A batch file that normally is executed from DOS or a Micro-Cap command line can now be executed from within Micro-Cap.


Sliders Default

A new button was added to set the default value to the current value.


Tag Branch Info

Cursor tags can have branch information added to the tag.


WMF Files

WMF files can be created with transparent background.


3D Graphs

Users can set the min and max colors and the graph color will scale in between.