Native digital simulator

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The internal native digital simulator lets you run digital or mixed-mode simulations using your own models or those from our extensive digital library. Key features of the simulator include:

  • Fast, event-driven, 5-state simulator.
  • Minimum, typical, maximum and worst case delays.
  • Hazard reporting.
  • An extensive set of digital primitives, including standard and tri-state versions of buffer, inverter, nand, nor, and, or, xor, nxor, and compound versions of and-or, or-and, and-or invert, and or-and invert. Both single and array versions are provided. JK and D flip-flops and SR and D-gated latches. Programmable logic arrays. Delay lines. Digital pullups and pulldowns. Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. Powerful digital behavioral primitives including logic expressions, pin delay blocks, and constraint checkers.
  • The library includes over 2000 standard digital parts from the following digital families: 7400, AC, ACT, ALS, AS, F, H, HC, HCT, LS, LV, S, CD4000, ECL10K, and ECL100K.