Is there a way I can have multiple Y scales on a single plot?

Posted by admin 12/11/2015 0 Comment(s) FAQs,

Micro-Cap has the capability of having multiple Y scales for a single analysis plot group. With multiple Y scales, it is easy to compare diverse waveforms on the same plot. For example, a current and a voltage waveform may each be analyzed in the same plot with appropriate scales for each waveform. This lets both waveforms be visually compared without having to zoom or scale the plot. To enable multiple Y scales, simply go to the desired analysis, click on the Scope menu and disable (no mark) the Same Y Scales for Each Plot Group option. Upon running the analysis or changing the Y ranges, a separate Y scale will be produced for each unique entry in the Y Range text field. If two or more waveforms share the same Y Range value, then only one scale will be created for those waveforms. The color of the shared scale would be the color of the first waveform in the Y Expression text field column that shares the scale.

The default state for Micro-Cap is for single scales. To change the default state for all future circuits, click on the Options menu and go to Default Properties For New Circuits. Open the Analysis Plots group in the list on the right and then select the Scales and Formats item. Disable the Same Y Scales for Each Plot Group option. All new circuits would then have multiple scales as their default.