Interactive Editing and Simulation

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Micro-Cap offers powerful simulation choices. Once a schematic is created, multiple simulation options are available with a single key press. There is transient analysis for time domain simulation, AC analysis for small signal frequency domain simulation, and DC analysis for DC simulation. Along with these are sensitivity analysis, transfer function analysis, harmonic distortion analysis,intermodulation distortion analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis. There is a Dynamic DC analysis mode available where the user can see the results of the operating point calculation on the schematic while editing the circuit, and a Dynamic AC analysis mode where the user can see the magnitude and phase results for a specific frequency on the schematic while editing the circuit. Voltages, currents, power, and conditions are all available as schematic displays. Probe analysis lets you click on the schematic to call up waveforms instead of having to specify them beforehand.

There is also an interactive mode where the transient, AC, or DC plot dynamically responds to schematic edits.