Exporting waveform data in CSV file format

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Is there a way to export the waveform data in CSV format so that I can import it into Excel?


The CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format is a common format for exchanging data between different programs. Microsoft Excel is one of the more popular programs that uses CSV files. Micro-Cap has the capability to export waveform data in CSV format which can then be easily imported into programs such as Excel.

A CSV file can be created through the Save Curves page of the Analysis Properties dialog box. Once the simulation has finished, invoke the Analysis Properties dialog box and click on the Save Curves tab.

The list on the left hand side of the page displays the waveforms that can be exported. A check mark in the box to the left of the waveform enables that waveform for export. The As (New Name) field lets you set the title of the waveform in the header of the CSV file. If Save Actual Data Points is enabled, all of the data points calculated during the simulation will be exported into the file. Otherwise, it will interpolate the waveform using the number of data points specified in the Number of Points field.

The In File field lets you specify the file name that will be created when the Save button is clicked. Select the .CSV extension option in the field next to the In File field to specify the format as CSV. Clicking the Save button creates the file.

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