Direct Schematic Waveform Probing

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Micro-Cap lets you probe schematics directly for waveforms. Simply point the mouse at a device or circuit node and click. You can set the probe to measure digital states, voltage, current, power, energy, resistance, charge, capacitance, flux, inductance, B field, or H field. The probe can display transient, AC, or DC analysis results. It's like probing a circuit with an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or a curve tracer. Expressions such as VCE(Q1)*IC(Q1) to determine the power through the transistor Q1 may also be plotted.

Micro-Cap also supports hierarchial probing. Probe on a macro or subcircuit and up comes the macro schematic or subcircuit for further probing. Navigate levels easily.

SPICE files may also be probed by clicking on a part or node name within the text file.